Available Services

Contact https://www.linkedin.com/in/brenda-chezek/ and message for more information or email directly to brendachezek@yahoo.com for rates.

Entire ERAS application and support material review. We provide complete packages or individual services upon request. Let us help you to present your strongest skills and traits to program directors.

Curriculum Vitae Review

We review C.V.’s and identify areas for improvement, and instruct you on how to frame your experiences in order to highlight your strongest qualities. We review both residency C.V.’s which are abbreviated for residency application, ERAS C.V.’s which are created during the ERAS application process and traditional full C.V.’s which includes all professional activities in a person’s life.

Most C.V.’s go thru multiple revisions until the final draft evolves. It involves ongoing work by the applicant and the editor. We work with your to meet your scheduling needs.

We help you to identify your audience and focus your C.V. for your intended audience. A residency C.V. describes only relevant information for review by busy program directors and staff.

Personal Statement Review

We review personal statements and give feedback on how to use every sentence to best describe your point. Translating your message to paper and including the right amount of details can be challenging. Clarity is important to convey your personal story.

We work with you to make revisions until your final personal statement will be clear and concise when program directors and staff review it.

ERAS Application Review

The Electronic Residency Application Service provides you opportunities to professionally present yourself to program directors. This information will be heavily reviewed.

We review your ERAS application and give you feedback on how to improve every section. We can answer questions about how to answer challenging questions and what to do if you don’t have information to enter in fields.

Mock Interviews

We provide both phone and videoconferencing mock interviews to practice and improve personal communication skills for applicants. We also videotape interviews for review by applicants, in order to see how nonverbal communication sends messages about them.

In addition to feedback on mock interviews, we provide feedback and direction on how to answer common interview questions and how to prepare mentally for the meeting. These are interview skills which can be used lifelong during professional career.

Residency Application Plan and Back-up Plan Development

Developing an application plan, including a back-up plan, is essential to using time and resources to your advantage.

We work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and address how programs will likely view your application.

We strategize with you to determine what specialties to apply to, how many programs to apply to, which type of programs to apply to, when to apply to more programs if needed, when to look at doing observations, rotations, or interviews in order to increase odds of matching and targeting the best programs for your needs.