ERAS date changes and Prometric Center openings

In consideration of the amount of stress on students taking exams, and the additional impact of cancelled exams, and closed facilities, the USMLE has postponed content changes to Step 1 and Step 2 CK tests until September 2020. USMLE. Steps 1, 2 CK, and 3 testing has resumed at select Prometric centers, and they will continue additional openings at sites based on state and local laws around social distancing related to COVID-19.

USMLE announced pilot testing starting next week for Phase One regional testing centers at medical schools, followed by event-based testing at medical school in June to August.

The ERAS timelines have been modified for the 2021 ERAS season. Applicants need to ensure they are reading the 2021 schedule.

June 8 US graduate applicants can register and begin their applications.

June 23 tokens will be issues to IMG applicants to register and begin applications.

September 1 applicants may begin submitting applications to programs.

October 21 MSPE’s will be released to programs and programs may begin reviewing applications.

There are several good things that will come out of these changes. First, the later date will allow additional rotation comments to be included in the MSPE letter. It will also allow students to rotate at an additional rotation before the MSPE letters go out, which may effect the student’s application to a program. It will also close the gap between the application date and the release of the MSPE letter, making review of materials easier and complete at one time. Interview offers should go out more uniformly, instead of some programs making offers between the application time and the release of the MSPE.

Most importantly, continue to verify data from the original source to ensure accuracy. Word of mouth can be inaccurate and cause errors in application timelines.