It’s the journey

This month, many will begin new residency programs, but some will not. Thousands of graduates from international medical schools, who applied to residency programs, did not match into positions. They are left feeling deflated, depressed, and a little lost on their dreams. The complication of COVID-19 has added to the stress and despair of the situation. I recently saw a Facebook group for old medical school graduates seeking the American dream. When you hear the stories of medical school graduates seeking the American dream, you cheer for them inside. You begin to try and find a way to help people to make their dreams come true.

Sometimes people become distraught when they do not match, but life is about the journey. When a hard-working person sets a goal and does not meet it, it can cause anxiety about the future. The challenge is to accept where you are today and make a plan for next steps.

Many people think their lives should be linear and follow a prescribed pathway, but when you look back at some of the most famous people in history, it was the diversion from the path that taught them the most and made them great. Do not let your emotions lead you down a dark pathway. Use your intellectual skills to look at your options and plan for the future.

Find someone who has lived the life that you seek and ask them about their story. Listen to their journey, ask for their advice, envision your future possibilities. The American dream is here for everyone. Find your dream.