The ERAS system must change

It is time for ERAS to change. Students are paying too much for applications in ERAS. Program Directors are able to use tools in ERAS to filter out applicants. The number of applications to programs has grown significantly, but ERAS continues to allow more applications to programs, than there are positions. In fact, many more applications. Programs receiving thousands of applications for a handful of positions, is not unheard of. Program Directors are allowed to set parameters, screening out applications without ever looking at the applicants.

Why doesn’t ERAS require the programs to disclose this information in advance to applicants, so they can save money? If programs decide that they will not look at an application, if the student has a failure on a step, why is that information so hard to find? Applicants should be able to screen out programs in ERAS, the same way programs can screen applicants. Why would an applicant apply to a program if the program says that they will not look at his/her application? Applicants could save hundreds to thousands of dollars if they knew this information in advance of applying to programs.

ERAS should allow applicants to search by every question possible. Will the program take an applicant who needs a visa? What about a failure on a board? Why isn’t this information easier to find. Many students have to make excel spreadsheets and search for this information in multiple places. What a waste of time when this process can be automated.

How much money does ERAS make on student applications? This organization is meant to serve students. Students already have hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Why doesn’t ERAS give applicants more options to save money?

Changes to the computer program can be made. Write new ERAS program requirements for the project and improve it for the benefit of students. Do the right thing for future doctors applying to residency programs. Change for the better. Students have little choice, but to use this system to apply to most programs. ERAS has a choice to change.

Please contact ERAS and tell them to give students more filters so they can apply to programs which will actually be interested in their application and offer them an interview. Ask for change to the system. Ask for improved outcomes for the people they serve.