With $996 million in assets, the AMA needs to do more

According to the AMA’s Annual Report, it has $ 996.7 million in assets. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever, for the AMA to spend more of it’s assets advocating for reform by the government and the healthcare industry. The American healthcare system has been broken for decades and has never been more dysfunctional than it is today. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled against the AHA’s lawsuit to keep private negotiated rates with insurers secret from patients. Insurance coverage and costs for COVID-19 change daily. You need a chart to see what health insurance companies cover for COVID-19. Drug companies continue to make billions of dollars, but increase rates for life-saving drugs like insulin because they can. The status quo is not OK.

This is the time for the AMA to step up and lead. The AMA is powerful and many members are fearful of speaking truth to power, but people must remember that there is power in numbers. The AMA must listen to voices for change and start lobbying harder for reform. Spend more of their reserves on lobbying now. What are they saving $996 million in assets for? Today, there were 50,000 Americans newly diagnosed with COVID-19, with some states hospital intensive care units close to capacity.

Doctors are paying the price for broken systems. The cost is exhaustion, infection and demoralization. Speak up now. Contact the AMA and tell them you want them to lobby harder for healthcare reform. Doctors need to be the authorities on illness, not politicians. Doctors need to lead the reform, not bureaucrats. The AMA needs to work harder for physicians.