Apply to programs before October 21st deadline

Residency programs will be reviewing applicant materials immediately after it is available October 21st. Applicants should have all their materials completed before October 20th so their is no problem uploading information at the last minute. It is very important to apply to the programs you are interested in before the first day that residency programs can begin reviewing material.

If you have below average board scores or have failures or a low GPA, apply to community programs, rural programs and urban programs which did not fill in the past. Also look at programs that participate in pre-match or programs which don’t participate in match at all. It is better to be in a position to have a job to consider rather than have no job offer at all. This is especially true for US and non-US IMG students and prior year graduates.

Do not procrastinate or assume it will be OK. This is a mistake. You must plan and prepare. This is the time to start mock interviews. You need to have your communication skills prepped and ready. If you need motivational tools consider a poster or pillow or sticky note to yourself. Remember you are running a marathon, and you need to keep up with all the details.