Student Loan Repayment Options

HRSA National Service Corps Loan Repayment Program If you are completing your residency program and are concerned about your student loan debt, the NSC LRP is a way you can pay off your debt in a fraction of time.


COVID-19 Epidemiologist Confirmed 6/24/2020

Institute for Public Health Innovation  Fairfax, VA. This paid position will assist senior Health Department epidemiologists in the design and development of study methodology relating to COVID-19 and will lead database management of epidemiology studies.

Residency Openings

Family Medicine PGY1 opening confirmed 7/1/2020

Baptist Health Madisonville Residency Program- preference to recent grads. Permanent US citizen, no visas, ECFMG certified. For more info

Contact:  James Mc Fadden 

Osteopathic Musculoskeletal Medicine Residency Confirmed 5/14/2020

Larkin Health System Osteopathic Musculoskeletal Medicine residency program at Palm Springs Campus achieved ACGME Accreditation and will be filling positions which will begin July 1, 2020. Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine residency applicants must have completed a Transitional Year program or any primary residency program. Contact

Family Medicine PGY-1

The Baptist Health Family Medicine Residency Program PGY-1 position. Requirements: Graduate from medical school within past 2 years. Preference will be given to candidates currently completing medical school. Passed USMLE Step I, Step II, and CS exams on first or second attempt. Have 6 – 9 months of current U.S. clinical experience. International Medical Graduates Must Have: Valid ECFMG Certificate by June, Must be Permanent U.S. Citizen (Our program does not sponsor or accept visas).

Contact information James McFadden,

Fellowship Opportunities

Addiction Medicine fellowship confirmed 7/5/2020 Larkin Health System announced fellowship at Palm Springs Campus and will be filling positions for July 1, 2020 start date. Applicants must have completed a residency in one of the following residency programs: Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Preventive Medicine, or Psychiatry. Contact

Hem/Onc fellowship confirmed 7/5/2020 at Larkin Health System fellowship applicants must have completed an internal medicine residency either in the US or abroad and must be ECFMG Certified. Contact

Covid-19 Related Information

Federation of State Medical Boards Medical License Portability FSMB- State of Emergency Declarations on Licensure Requirements

New York and New Jersey allow licensed foreign physicians to work during pandemic.

Occupational Licensing During Public Emergencies

ACGME Statement on Early Graduation and early appointment


AAMC Careers in Medicine Membership may be required for a fee. Resources for applicants, including assisting applicants to decide what specialty to go into.

Scutwork Gives reviews of residency programs from students and residents. These are great to see if you will be happy in your time in residency.

Reddit The front page of the internet has many groups for medical students and provides a forum for many questions.

ERAS Application information and Login web page Applicants need a token in order to log into the ERAS system.

ERAS 2021 timeline for ACGME accredited residency opens June 8.

ERAS 2020 timeline for IMG residency

2020 Match and SOAP schedule

Match Organizations

National Resident Matching Program $85 Registration Fee opens June 8

San Francisco Ophthalmology Match $100 Registration fee, opens July 1

American Urology Association Match Registration fee $75

American Society of Nephrology Match applications start June 5 in ERAS

Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates resource

Help finding a residency now

Student Doctor Network nonprofit student organization with forums for questions. Has page dedicated for listing open positions and people seeking positions.

Frieda AMA resources for match info. Search vacant positions.

FindAResident program directors list open positions from people who left the program or who want to trade positions. List is updated constantly. Must sign in with AAMC number.

ResidencySwap open positions updated all year long as people leave or want to trade positions. Trading is dependent on approval from PD. Must create login. subscription service listing open residency positions. You can look at specialty and year of opening before you subscribe. Good to use to cross reference with Findaresident and residencyswap to ensure you are not missing an opening.

Specialty specific residency info

American Academy of Family Physicians Family Medicine Residency Directory list programs participating..

American College for Obstetricians and Gynecologists has a clearinghouse where PD’s can list open positions for residency and fellowships.

American Medical Association site has non-ACGME open residency and fellowship positions which are currently not listed in Frieda, but may be in the future.

American Psychiatric Association has a clearinghouse free to students, residents and programs where PD’s can post openings.

Association of Program Directors in Surgery list of open training positions for positions related to surgery and includes both residency and fellowship openings. Site also has a page for people looking for openings to list their information for program directors.

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine EM PD’s can list clerkship openings, residency and fellowship openings on the site. Contact information is provided and direct application is possible.

Society for Vascular Surgery has a page for open residency and fellowship positions.

Association for Pediatric Program Directors has a page for openings for residency, fellowships, physicians and student electives.

Assistant Physician (AP)

(Not the same as PA) and additional programs for practicing before residency in some states

Arkansas Graduate Physician Licensure

Florida Board of Medicine House Physician

Missouri Division of Professional Registration Assistant Physician

New Mexico Licensing Board Supervision of non-licensed Physicians

State Board of Ohio Visiting Clinical Professor Development Certificate

Utah Department of Commerce Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Restricted Associate Physician and Surgeon

Virginia Limited University Full-Time Faculty Fellowship for foreign graduates

Research Opportunities

AAFP Service Opportunities for Students and Residents

AAMC Clinical and Research Opportunities

Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research

NIH Medical Research Scholars Program (MRSP)

NIH Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research

Beall’s List-List of predatory journals and publishers FYI-Old reference

WHO R&D Blueprint COVID-19

Volunteer Opportunities

Larkin Community Hospital is seeking volunteers to be assigned to Team 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 as seen below, as soon as possible. Email Jack Michel MD • Chairman of the Board at Larkin Community Hospital • Edited / originally posted on Linkedin

Team 4. COVID19 Clinical Guidance Team
Team 5. Volunteer Engagement Team: Organizing and keeping our volunteers engaged.
Team 6. National COVID19 Staffing Registry: Set up a free Larkin virtual staffing website to make them available to all hospitals as their current healthcare workers may get sick and need to be in quarantine.
Team 7. Spanish/English/Creole Convalescent Plasma Community Engagement Team: Generate community awareness of plasma donations.
Team 8. Spanish/English/Creole Convalescent Plasma Donor Leads Team: Contact the leads generated by the Convalescent Plasma community engagement team to make sure that they meet the requirements.
Team 9. Discharged/Recovered COVID19 Follow-up Team
This team will also engage the community in awareness that this is not a death sentence.
Team 10. COVID19 Contact Tracing Team

URGENT PLEA FOR HELP from Larkin Community Hospital!!!
We urgently need Volunteers to be a Contact Tracers.
Volunteers from any geographic location in the US or abroad are welcome. Anyone with a high school degree can be a Contact Tracer.
Free Contact Tracer Course and training in our free COVID Fighter smartphone App will be provided.
Contact tracing is the largest US civilian mobilization since World War II. Contact Tracing Saves Lives!
Our country needs you!
Use this link to sign up or email
The CDC estimates that US would need 100,000 more contact tracers.

Volunteer Postings are Free and Organizations are unrelated to BCC

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